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IT Outsoursing

For any company to grow in the global market, it should have a strong information technology back up which will take care of its growing technological needs, and keep it ahead of its competition. At StickyWeb Technologies we strive to deliver you the best of services when it comes to taking care of your information technology support. StickyWeb Technologies has the ability to support businesses round the clock and manage periods of high activity, and also when it comes to provide effective and professional service at a very affordable cost

For businesses who have a high workflow, we will enable your core employees to focus on their immediate and important work in order to maintain high productivity, and also enable you to utilize specialized personnel, the technical knowledge base and experience of whom might exceed the scope of your business, thus enabling you to provide a much higher level of technical and information technology support to your clients. 

Our information technology support consists of a complete 4-tier level of escalation. 


Initial Level of Support [Tier 1]: 

This is the basic level of support effectively focusing on troubleshooting of the problems. We have personnel qualified to verify physical layer issues, resolving username and password problems. Personnel at this level have the ability to handle basic issues, and they generally work as an initial sink for user requests and problems. 


Advanced Level of Support [Tier 2]: 

In this tier we provide a higher level of service and support the personnel in Tier 1 and at the same time confirm the validity and also seek for known solutions to these more complex issues. The key element that we apply here is that both the client and the business requirements should be met. If in rare cases the Tier 2 personnel are not able to solve the problem or the intricacies of the issue are too complicated, the issue gets escalated to a higher level of competency. In addition you can add certain troubleshooting solutions so that it is ensured that most of the issues are solved.


Research and Solution [Tier 3]:

This is the highest level of support that is provided in the 3-tier architecture. Issues that are not comprehended and solved by the Tier 1 and Tier 2 personnel are handled by the Tier 3 personnel. The personnel in this department are the same as Tier 1 and Tier 2 but with the added ability of being able to research a problem which has not been faced in the past. Once the solution is verified is passed on to the customer and is kept in the database for future troubleshooting and problem analysis.



The three level model of information technology solution gives us a complete approach towards any problem and thus assuring our clients of a complete support. Please feel free to contact us in case of any enquiries.

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