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Email Support

Email Support has recently emerged as one of the most used method of communicating with customers, existing and potential, for all sales and non-sales requirements. Not only is it highly cost effective, because Buy diltiazem of its nature of automation and low maintenance for the systems, but also one of the fastest and the most time-efficient method of interacting with your customers.

We at StickyWeb Technologies cater to many SME’s and large businesses by providing staffed email support services. We leverage on our advantages and our technical expertise, together with our skilled staff with strong communication skills to provide an unmatchable online email support service.

We have expertise and experience in providing the following Email Reply Services:

  1. Offshore Email Support Service
  2. Outsourced Email Reply Services
  3. Instant Email Response Service
  4. Products & Service Email Support Service
  5. Web Portals Email Service
  6. Technical Email Support Service.
  7. Sales Email Support Service

At StickyWeb, we understand that it is important to have the right personnel for the perfect email support offering. We provide both technical as well as non-technical email support. Our technical staff comprises of Microsoft Certified Engineers who are experts in technical details and are capable of handling your client`s queries efficiently.

Our non-technical staff is provided with in-depth training about your Products and Services, so that they can understand your customer`s requirements and answer instant replies.

Continuous performance audits and reviews help us identify and remove bottlenecks in our current process, and to offer high quality Email support services on ongoing basis.

We also heavily invest in infrastructure and technology to be able to successfully offer 24 x 7 Email Support service to our clients.

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