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Web Support

There are hundreds of businesses across the world that provides a Live Chat Service on their websites. But not all of these live chat services are active and running. Many a times you would notice that the online chat operator is either not available or takes you to an enquiry form. It is difficult to predict how much business can be lost because of unstaffed live chat support service. On the contrary, an outsourced live chat service can ensure that your customers get instant response to their query while they are still navigating through your website. Direct Web Chat Service on your website not only helps in increasing clients and orders, but also develops the business relationship with potential customers. Live Chat option in the website enables your customers to talk to your business as if they were in a store and speaking to someone over the counter.

We at StickyWeb Technologies, currently serve many businesses around the globe by providing online chat support service on behalf of our clients. Once we have been appointed as an outsourced online chat support partner, or offshore chat support partner, we train our dedicated staff to understand your business, products and services and your company policies. These staff personnel are then made available on your online chat service, and your website is 24x7 ready to answer any online customer enquiries.

We don’t only provide correct answers to potential customers, but also enhance the quality of the sales by providing the potential customers information and help about the functionality of the products and services. 

Our website chat support services include:

  1. Managed Online Chat Support
  2. Outsourced Live Chat Service
  3. Scheduled Live Chat Service
  4. Off Shore Live Chat Service
  5. Sales Live Chat Service
  6. Customer Service Live Chat
  7. Collections and Billing Live Chat Service
  8. Debt Management Live Chat Service

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I would like to thank Stickyweb Global Team and its hard working website design staff for helping me out with PPC through which my company is ranked on the top 10 results on google and that at a much low price.I really appreciate it…

Padma Sadnani
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